How To Use PLR In Your Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing is constantly going through changes.  What works one month may not work the next as the landscape continues to change.  However, there is one money making vehicle that has been around since the beginning of the internet that continues to work and that is using PLR.

PLR is also known as Private Label Rights.  These are rights that are granted by the author of an article, book or other product that allow the user to do certain things with the purchase.  Examples of private label rights include such things as changing the product any way you want, claiming authorship, reselling it as many times as desired and many more.

Examples of products that can prove worthwhile include plr software, plr autoresponder messages, ebooks, articles, websites, graphics and audio files.  There are literally thousands of these on the internet today, most for very low prices if you know where to search.  You can see one great supplier right here.

So how can you take advantage of this opportunity?

Websites and Blogs

It is tough to write all the content for a website or constantly find enough imagination to write an interesting blog post every day.  With PLR content, you have an instant source of niche related content that is very inexpensive.  Imagine all the time you could save by finding great prewritten articles and simply adding them to your website or blog.  No more tedious research or writing.

Reports and Ebooks

Have you ever considered writing your own report or eBook?  For most people, this seems like an insurmountable task.  However, with private label rights content, it can be a breeze.  It is important to remember that you should change the content slightly before releasing it to the public.  You do not want an exact replica of other books that are already on the market.  Change the title, graphics and slightly rewrite the content for best results.   To monetize, add to the Kindle store, give it away to build or a list, sell on an auction site, or use it as a bonus to sell other products.

Education Courses

How-to courses are all the rage right now.  Internet searchers are desperate for information and now have mobile devices at the ready 24 hours a day.  With the right product, it is simple to break it down into sections and use it to educate others on your niche.  In addition, this works tremendously with autoresponder courses.   It is possible to build a huge list of subscribers by giving away a daily lesson via email.

Create a Product

The internet marketers who seem to be making the most money are those who create their own products.   However, for most people, the idea of creating a course or software to sell on forums or sites like Clickbank is out of reach.  With private label rights, it is not only entirely possible, it is a simple matter.  For best results, combine two or more products and brand it before releasing.  It is possible to create and release a product in just a couple of hours with this method.

I highly recommend that you do not neglect the power of PLR.  You can literally build your entire business on this one model.  To find great PLR to work with, visit



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