The Pros and Cons of Private Label Products

The Pros and Cons of Private Label Products

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Is It Worth It?

PLR has been around for a while. Many internet marketers have made a great living by simply writing or creating their own PLR content to sell to others. But what is the truth about creating your own products? Does it make financial sense? How long will it take? Is there a better option?

Well, this post will attempt to answer all those questions and more. Now let’s dig in…

The Pros and Cons of Private Label Products

Should You Try It?

Private label products have become a mainstay of the internet marketing world. It is extremely common to create a large online income simply by releasing products that include private label rights. However, there are both pros and cons to private label content. Let’s take a closer look.

The first pro that you should consider is that PLR is very profitable. You can sell the same product over and over again with no extra effort. Once you build a reputation, it becomes a simple matter to rack up the sales.

Secondly, the majority of your customers when selling private label rights products will be other internet marketers. This means that they will understand the value in an item that has already been created as opposed to one they have to create themselves. They are also among the most loyal customers in the online world according to research.

So what about the cons?

Once you sell your product and rights, the profits stop. You can include affiliate links or links to your website in the content, but the odds are that your customers will edit the content and replace the links with their own.

Next, it can be very hard to create a quality product. For instance, when creating an eBook, you will have to perform research and write following the rules of syntax and proper grammar. Quality writing is not something that is inherent in the majority of people. If you want to create software, you better have excellent programming skills. If you lack the basic skills required, creating a product that will sell is next to impossible.

Lastly, the process of creating a PLR item is time consuming. You have to be prepared to spend several days to weeks designing a high quality product that will be in demand from internet marketers.

So do the pros outweigh the cons? plr cartoon

I think they do actually, which is why I recommend to all my customers that they skip the creation process in its infant stage and progress to purchasing PLR that is already complete. Now all that is required is small tweaks, a change in the title or name and you have created a great product that you can sell the rights too.

Therefore, if you have an interest in creating private label rights products to sell, my best advice is to search for high quality PLR that is already available reather than create it yourself. Once you have found what you are looking for, make some minor changes, create a new license and release your product to the world!

If you are searching for great PLR, one great resource can be found by visiting The Wholesale PLR Store.

If you need PLR ebooks, PLR videos, PLR software and other PLR products, please visit our store today!

So How Much….

Empty Pockets?I can feel your eyes rolling and the shaking of your head.

You are wondering, “how much money can I make with PLR?”

The misgivings and doubt are understandable. Private Label Rights and internet marketing in general have gotten a sordid reputation over the last few years and much of it is deserved.

But here is the point. If people would stop trying to take the easy way out and put in hard work, PLR would be known as one of the fastest and easiest way to make a living online.

Here is what NOT to do:
Don’t simply change the title and try to resell a PLR product!
Don’t copy and paste it word for word on a website.!
Don’t’ try to submit it to the Kindle Store as an original book!
Don’t write junk and slap a PLR label on it trying to make sales to a content hungry crowd!
Don’t violate the terms of the license!

Do the RIGHT thing:
Edit the material and change the content. Add in personal touches and humor if possible.
If you are creating PLR, make it valuable to readers!
Follow the included license with the PLR content. If there is no license, don’t buy.

So how much do I make with PLR?

Well, my store, The Wholesale PLR Store has proven to be a high traffic magnet, dropping below the 100,000 mark in Alexa at one time. Despite the low prices, it does very well. I am not one of those guys who likes to brag about money! But PLR works and it works in many different ways!


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