The Truth About Writing Ebooks

So You Want To Be Published?

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The eBook market has exploded in the last several years and the time to jump in is now! It has become easy to make an online income with eBooks as more and more people turn away from traditional reading methods and turn to technology and eBooks. This post will focus on two ways to get that elusive first book written!

Let’s Get Started!

Man at computerLet’s face it.

The majority of people would consider writing their own eBook an impossible task. Although you may have extensive knowledge of a subject and passion for that same subject, organizing your thoughts into a format that will make sense to readers is a tough task for nonprofessionals. And if you do manage to get the material organized, there is still the small task of writing the material with proper syntax, spelling and grammar.

Yet, there are some individuals who are adept at writing eBooks but absolutely hate doing it or more likely don’t want to spend the amount of time it takes to create a high quality book.

But before we go further, you may be wondering, “Why would I want to write and eBook anyway?”

Excellent question.

The answer is that eBooks make fabulous give-aways on a website to help build a list. They are also great for adding links to your website or affiliate links which will result in traffic and profit. Or possibly, you just want to join the horde of people who are self-publishing their eBooks on Kindle and other platforms.

So you can’t or don’t want to write you own book; what are your options?

Well, the best option may be to outsource the writing to a professional. Finding a good writer can be a daunting task however. One method is to visit sites such as or and browse through the list of writers and their feedback. You should also check forums such as The Warrior Forum where people advertise their services as book writers.

How much does it cost to hire someone to write a book? Well, like everything else, it varies. I have seen writes charge up to $1000 for a book with 25,000 words while others are as low as $150. It would be prudent to find someone with a lot of positive feedback and happy repeat customers. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Another option is to find high quality private label rights eBooks from a low priced seller and then rewrite the material slightly. Now, this can be a simple matter of adding a couple of personal narratives and changing the title. The more you can rewrite, however, the better. Do NOT submit a PLR book as is or your account will be banned at the major eBook distributors.

Whatever you choose to do, entering the eBook publishing world is a smart investment at this time as the world moves away from traditional hard cover books and over to digital frameworks. The timing is perfect to make money writing books, now you just have to get it done!

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Need Help?

If you are dead set on having an original book to publish on Kindle, then we can help! Contact us at The Wholesale PLR Store and tell us what you want. We can give you a custom quote for a high quality eBook that will definitely sell if the price is right! We currently have written 8 books that are published on the Kindle format and all are doing well. Remember, once you publish a book, you collect residuals for the rest of your life!


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