Tips For Writing A Best Selling Ebook

So You Want A Best Selling Book?

Thousands of people take the plunge every day and become published authors by submitting their eBooks to platforms such as Amazon Kindle or Barnes and

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Noble. It is an extremely fun and potentially profitable thing to do. However, before uploading any old book and waiting for the sales to roll in, there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at three…

So Tell Me How To Write Books!

ebook pictureOne of the fastest growing internet marketing trends is self publishing your own eBooks. With the extraordinary growth of the Amazon Kindle Store and the many other imitators such as Nook and Barnes and Noble, it has become possible to create a nice income fairly quickly.

However, most people have reservations when it comes to creating their own eBook. The majority of people simply lack the talent or grasp of basic language fundamentals to be able to produce a quality product. Others don’t have the massive amount of time available that it takes to write an entire book.

For those who are adamant about writing their own book, this lens will give you a few tips on how to write in such a way that your chances of making money are greatly increased. Let’s get busy.

First, it is important to write a book on material that is not readily available. If you browse through the Kindle Store, you will notice that the nonfiction books contain information that anyone could find in 5 seconds by doing a Google search. In fact, many authors attempt to just cut and paste from various websites and call it a book! In addition, others try to upload PLR books that are all over the internet. Please don’t get caught up in this scammy trend.

This is exactly the reason why I recommend writing fiction books. You are giving the reader something that could never be found somewhere else. Basing your book on something else is okay, just ensure it is unique.

Secondly, if you must create a nonfiction book, it should be material that solves a problem. Millions of people are searching for solutions to problems on the internet and if you can solve it for them, not only will you have made a sale; you will have a lifetime customer for your future releases. Example might be things like: “How to change the oil in your car” or “A simple system for curing acne”.

But when creating a problem solver book, don’t forget our first tip above.

Lastly, it is important to produce a book that will not lose its value. In other words, if it is important now, it should be important in ten years. For example, do you think people will still be struggling with acne ten years from now? Of course. So if you can supply information on curing acne that is not readily available and it definitely solves the readers problem, then you have a best-seller on your hands!

Writing eBooks is a lot of fun and can be profitable. I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try!

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Well, How Do YOU Do It?

Writing has always come fairly easy for me. My problem is that I never spent much time developing a God-given talent which is a shame. But lately, I have developed a writing schedule of sorts that makes it much easier to get started and finish a book more than once a year. Here is what I do:

I type up a daily schedule or plan, print it and hand it directly above my computer. I actually put the times to start and quit for each activity. I am NOT a morning person so I put “work on book” in the afternoon. I budget myself only an hour each day. With a writing outline to follow, this means i will have a book completed in two weeks usually.

Now before I started scheduling my time, I would just tell myself that I would write that day. And of course, I never would. Something else was always more important and vital at the moment.

I suggest you create a daily schedule and discipline yourself to follow it. Don’t just use it for book-writing, but for everything that you need to do in a day. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day when following a schedule to a “T”.

The Best Books

The best books invariable contain two factors:

They have been edited completely.

Firstly, you would be amazed at the number of books on the Kindle Store that have grammar errors, spelling mistakes and syntax problems. Many appear to have been written by 3rd graders. (which they may have been!)

It will cost a little money, but ensure that you hire an editor to help you create a book that won’t be distracting because of mistakes. You better believe that reviewers will tell the world about your horrific spelling!

Secondly, it may sound like common sense, but you can’t publish a dissertation on the mating habits of the fruit fly and expect to make sales. Jazz it up, find keywords that people are searching for and write a book on that topic!

Remember, if you can’t write, rewrite a PLR book! If you can’t rewrite, hire an outsourcer!

Still Not Sure?

If you simply have no confidence in your ability to write or rewrite a book, or maybe you are just too lazy to sit down and do it, then why not outsource the entire process? Contact us today at The Wholesale PLR store and we will provide you with a custom quote to create a book that fits your needs. We currently have 8 books published on the Kindle format and all are doing well.

Book publishing is not only fun, it is profitable. Do all the work upfront and then get paid for the rest of your life!


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