What Exactly Are Private Label Rights?

Getting To The Bottom Of It!

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The term private label rights gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Unfortunately, most people don’t really understand what PLR is or what it is used for. In this post, we will give you a simple definition of private label rights and give you some ideas of how to utilize these types of products to create a massive online income. Read on my friend!

Here We Go!

For several years now, a phenomenon has been growing in the internet marketing world; private label rights. Many people have discovered the monetary benefits and the myriad of ways that they can be used. But what the heck are private label rights anyway? Let’s take a quick look. plr banner

Private label rights or PLR refers to total rights granted by the author or developer on informational products including such things as plr articles, eBooks,, software, websites, audio files and more. While master resell rights grants buyers the authority to resell a product, the product itself cannot be changed in any way. This is not true with PLR content as the license in most cases gives consumers the ability to change the content in any way. Some examples include adding links, changing the title and even writing your own name on the product as the creator or author.

Why Do You Need The PLR Rights?

But why would you need the PLR rights?

Well, purchasing this type of material can be a great business model for internet marketers. Many products come with their own sales pages, squeeze pages, videos, autoresponder messages and more. You can literally have a product live on the internet in a matter of minutes. Comparatively speaking, if you tried to do all of this yourself, it would take days or even months.

However, it is important to be cautious and diligent when searching for an informational product. A great number of private label products are worthless and poorly compiled. This type of product will never make you money obviously so again, research until you find a product that will sell!

Ideas of how to use PLR content include using eBooks and breaking them down into individual reports either by chapter or page. These reports can then be sold over and over or given away as an incentive to join a marketing list. You might also use the sections as an email course which are very popular especially when free for subscribers.

You could also alter the text, title and images in an eBook and release the book as a completely new product. Many marketers have discovered the lucrative business of self-publishing these books on platforms such as Amazon and Nook.

Another trick marketer’s use is to combine several PLR products together to create a massive and comprehensive new item. This is simply a matter of editing several products and merging them together.

Still another use for private label rights that is used extensively is to create webpages with the content. The majority of people don’t want to write their own website content as it is time consuming and frankly most people aren’t proficient at writing. However, buying ten fresh, high quality private label articles can result in ten pages of your website in a matter of just a few minutes!

When shopping for private label rights merchandise, ensure that you check to see what comes with the item. Things to look for are graphics, source codes, websites, sales pages and other addons.

Private label content grants you the right to change products to fit your needs. So what are you waiting for?

You can find high quality and low priced PLR at The Wholesale PLR Store

The Wholesale PLR Store has thousands of products that include private label rights and master resell rights including PLR ebooks, PLR websites, PLR articles and more!

My PLR Origins

I began my internet marketing career full time in 2009. At that time, I had no idea what direction I wanted to take or what exactly I was supposed to be doing. I fumbled and stumbled quite a bit before finally tripping over Private Label Rights.

Actually, I discovered some free products and noticed that people were selling them on auction sites such as eBay and others. Now, they were making very few sales, but to someone who wasn’t making ANY sales, it looked pretty promising.

Eventually, I invested a large sum of money to buy thousand of PLR products. At that time, I began to slowly build an ecommerce site, The Wholesale PLR Store and add one or two products a day. It was slow going because I felt the need to examine each product and make sure it was legitimate before writing a description and uploading to the site.

Slowly but surely, sales began to trickle in. The more products I added, the more sales came as a result. Now, a couple of years later, the store is one of the largest online and does very well. 

What is so great is that all work is done at the front end. The customer pays online and immediately downloads his or her products. I do nothing but watch money come into my Paypal account. It is truly hands-off!

I highly recommend PLR as a great method to earn money online!



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